Aris Alfabet

  • Repository Attribute Management
  • User Activities and Rights
  • Database Administration Summary
  • Database Assignment Analysis
  • Object Duplication Analysis

  • Provide Qualitative Methodology
  • Identify Specific Process Variations
  • Enable Process Governance
  • Enhance Platform Management

  • Model Status Management
  • Owner Approval and Semantic Check
  • Database and Server Release Manager
  • Support the Model Promotion Process
  • Accelerate Delivery of BPMProjects.

  • Prepare Transition Roadmap
  • Setup BPM Governance Team
  • Audit of Existing Processes
  • Provide Qualitative Methodology
  • Organize & Manage Process Libraries
  • IT Portfolio Planning
  • Business Demand and Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Embedded Workflows and Contextual Visualizations
  • Standardized Meta Model and Data Integration Framework



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