As business processes drive every organization, proper understanding and optimization of these processes are fundamental to the creation of real business value. VEA delivers structure and expert guidance for the entire process lifecycle: project management, change management, workshop facilitation, training, governance, and effective program communication.



Content Governance addresses short-term, day-to-day processes for creating, tagging, maintaining, and cleaning up content as well as longer-term goals around content requirements, system updates, and development of new capabilities.

VEA Solutions enable processes and programs to be Designed, Reviewed, Published, and Archived easily and effectively.

The combination of the ARIS Platform and SAP Solution Manager provides the foundation for success. VEA delivers the expertise that enables your organization to manage enterprise processes and survive the changes to your support team year after year through a single consolidated repository for your business processes. ARIS Platform Services include:

  • ARIS PROCESS GOVERNANCE: Allows flexible and efficient process management to achieve end-to-end control of BPM processes and comes equipped with support reference models.
  • ARIS GRC: Offers a better way to connect risk and controls with processes and keep them in sync with your organization‘s corporate objectives and policies. Making your internal control system process-based gives you flexibility and improves transparency and consistency.
  • webMETHODS PLATFORM SERVICES: The webMethods platform provides the capability for process execution with Model-to Execute. M2E allows for a model-driven approach to development of new applications or SOA enablement of existing applications.
  • CENTRASITE: Helps build the right services the right way. It gives your organization a single place to store, find, and re-use service and process assets, which speeds up development. Automatic policy enforcement helps you ensure new services and processes perform consistently and to the quality standards you’ve set.
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