Alfabet enables enterprises to understand, plan and align their complex it landscape through integrated business it management.Business IT Management is the task of ensuring that IT powers business success. It requires a deep understanding of how all the components of the IT landscape interrelate and support the various business functions. It is a hugely complex challenge. Alfabet has a comprehensive software suite that supports all aspects of Business IT Management – from real-time insight into the enterprise architecture to forecasting, risk management, compliance, roadmapping and execution. 

Integrated Business IT Management Software

Alfabet's PlanningIT is an integrated software suite to harmonize and support the different tasks of a Business IT Management approach. All information and functionality is provided from a single, role-sensitive interface that allows non-disruptive, collaborative processes throughout the IT management lifecycle from demand and strategy to managing the program portfolio and the enterprise architecture. The management of IT finances and IT risks are adjacent and increasingly important tasks that make Alfabet relevant to an even wider range of stakeholders.


Key Benefits:

  • Standardized Meta Model: The meta model is the methodology to describe the IT landscape. Its richness and completeness is key to all enterprise functionality
  • Data Integration Framework: An IT planning solution exists in a complex software ecosystem. Thus Alfabet's PlanningIT suite offers extremely powerful extraction and enrichment capabilities to leverage existing information
  • Embedded Workflows: In a complex environment it takes a multitude of contributors to get a complete understanding - and an efficient coordination of distributed tasks. This is what workflows do. PlanningIT is unique in its support of workflows.
  • Time and State Tracking: An IT landscape is not a static picture but a constantly changing organism. What is valid today might be a wrong assumption for tomorrow's plan. This is why PlanningIT in its core is designed to handle time as an additional dimension.
  • Configurable Roles: Representing all information of a highly complex IT landscape will result in an equally complex information base. PlanningIT reduces this complexity for individual roles by providing only the relevant details
  • Contextual Visualization: PlanningIT dynamically visualizes IT architecture components in their context to highlight interdependencies and to unveil hidden impacts in order to enabling well-informed decisions without undesired side-effects.
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