The knowledge and experience of your enterprise architects should be focused on strategic objectives and managing the alignment between technology and your business.


The VEA EA Solution enables your enterprise architects to dramatically improve their utilization of your repository by refocusing valuable architect resource time away from manual modeling and configuration tasks in favor of dashboarding, analytics, and intelligent business area support.


  • EA Inventory and Connection Manager
  • Application Profiler
  • Application Portfolio Scoring
  • Attribute Analysis
  • Object Library Management
  • Portfolio Attribute Manager
  • Application Profile Model Builder
  • Application Context Model Builder
  • Application Deployment Model Builder
  • Inventory Model Builder
  • Object Symbolizer
  • Technology Life Cycle

The VEA Solution Accelerator for EA enables you to...

  • Leverage EA perspectives across the enterprise to guide business and technology value decisions
  • Visualize domain-specific objectives and business value perspectives
  • Deliver process improvements with strategic IT consolidation
  • Define and deliver business value scorecards
  • Define process and system relationships across organization layers
  • Redefine existing IT repositories from static to dynamic tools for portfolio management and analysis
  • Enhance central repository coordination between business areas and EA for corporate alignment
  • Optimize Enterprise Architecture content development with automated modeling tools  


Model Bulding Component

  • EA Inventory Model Builder
  • Application Profile Model Builder
  • Application Context Model Builder
  • Application Deployment Model Builder
  • Perspective Diagram Model Builder


Maintain EA Focus on Strategy and Analysis

VEA accelerates the implementation and management of your EA Solution with our valuable framework which includes the following enhancements:

  • Standards and Guidelines Documents
  • Database Structure, Filters and Templates
  • Pre-selected Model Types, Objects, 
Connections, Attributes and Symbols
  • Pre-defined Attribute Group Views
  • EA Reference Semantic Checks

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