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Aris Course

Course Description


ARIS Delta Training 7.x to 10.x

ARIS 10 combines 20 years of Business Process Analysis (BPA)experience with the latest technology trends. ARIS 10 also opens up process improvement to anyone. To make this possible,Software AG made ARIS easy to use, smarter to run and more powerful to improve processes. This course provides you with all information to use and administer ARIS 10 uccessfully, based on your previous ARIS 7.x skills. Learn about all new and enhanced features of ARIS 10 and get a detailed understanding of the capabilities of ARIS Connect, the new product in the ARIS Platform.


Business Process Modeling with ARIS

Business process modeling is about creating and maintaining process documentation and doing evaluations (queries, reports etc.). This course provides you with the necessary knowledge needed to create process documentation in ARIS. In workshops you will learn to create various ARIS models in accordance to the ARIS modeling rules. Using this knowledge will allow to a clean and good-looking business process landscape


Business Process Modeling with ARIS Connect

Business process modeling is about creating and maintaining process documentation and doing evaluations. This course provides you with the necessary knowledge needed to create process documentation in ARIS Connect. In workshops you will learn to create various ARIS models in accordance to the ARIS modeling rules. Using this knowledge will allow to a clean and good-looking business process landscape.


Advanced Business Process Modeling and Administration with ARIS

Learn anything about BPA with ARIS that goes beyond model creation. This course enables participants to fit into two closely related roles: The knowledge of ‘Advanced Business Process Modeling’ techniques qualifies people to work as ‘Process Architect’, while knowledge of ‘Administration’ features qualifies attendees to be successful as ‘ARIS Administrator’. The aforementioned roles have only fuzzy boundaries. Several topics are touched by both and often it is the same people occupying these roles. Even in organizations with different persons occupying the two roles, it boosts collaboration and efficiency if they have knowledge of each other’s tasks and workflows. That advanced modeling and administration procedures are perfectly supported by ARIS Architect and ARIS Server’s administration portal. Using the expert-grade knowledge provided during this course, you will get a clean and valuable business process landscape. But, most important, you get there faster. Please refer to the ‘audience’ section above for a list of major topics covered by either role.


Dynamic Simulation with ARIS Business Simulator 

The topic of this course is analyzing and optimizing business processes. How do you establish efficient processes? How do you know what resources are required to execute a process or where bottlenecks will arise during process execution? How do you identify which process variants are better than others before they are actually implemented? How many resources do you need for new processes? These questions can be answered by analyzing the dynamic behavior of processes. This is where ARIS Business Simulator comes into play with its Web-based simulation of business processes. By enabling evaluation of both executability and efficiency, the software supports decision making in re-engineering, benchmarking and resource planning.  ARIS Business Simulator allows both existing and new processes to be analyzed and improved.  The application collects a variety of information during a simulation run that enables the behavior of processes to be assessed.  The results are presented in the form of color animation, statistics and charts.  Data provided includes throughput and wait times, total processing time, costs, weaknesses, as well as resource requirements and utilization.

Simulation of business processes provides information about the executability of processes, process weaknesses and resource bottlenecks. In the run-up to cost intensive process changes, the simulated process performance indicators can be used to evaluate various alternatives and carryout true-to-life benchmarking. The course covers possible application scenarios for ARIS Business Simulator and the procedure for simulating your business processes.


Flexible Automation of BPM Processes with ARIS Process Governance

The focus of this course is successfully setting up and managing ARIS-based projects. The task of all BPM activity is to achieve optimal performance of your operational to efficiently reach your company objectives. To do so, the process for process management should be performed in an efficient way, too.ARIS Process Governance offers you an easy way to design your BPM processes and automate them without losing the required flexibility in your process design. Non-IT staff is enabled not only to design processes but to have them implemented in an automated way exactly according to the required design.


Implementing and Optimizing Process-Driven SAP Solutions with ARIS

ARIS for SAP Solutions and SAP  Solution Manager are perfect tools to close the gap between business requirements, business process design and the implementation of an SAP solution. The interaction of ARIS for SAP Solutions and SAP Solution Manager supports companies throughout the entire SAP life cycle,from strategy and requirements analysis, through blueprint to configuration, testing, training and roll out. Business processes are documented using ARIS for SAP Solutions and analyzed within the context of the SAP system environment. After the analysis of the relevant process areas the detailed processes are synchronized with SAP Solution Manager. Thus the correct mapping of the user requirements in the SAP environment can be ensured and any non-standard features are identified. SAP Solution Manager also contains reference content which can be synchronized to ARIS and re-used for modeling processes.This enables cost savings and fast implementation of your SAP solution.


Administration of Process-Driven SAP Solutions with ARIS

To implement the business requirements derived from their corporate strategy, companies need a fast and efficient way of mapping business processes and new business concepts to the SAP solution. ARIS for SAP Solutions enables enterprises to define business-driven requirements from a process perspective. These requirements can provide a common language between business and IT within the project. The bidirectional interface to SAP Solution Manager enables the models to be constructed on the basis of SAP reference content for a process-driven SAP Solution. ARIS for SAP Solutions has a great number of functionalities which can be used to synchronize relevant elements from SAP Solution Manager to ARIS and back again. You profit from cost savings and fast implementation of your SAP solution. In addition, global companies must coordinate their roll outs and synchronize these in the solution landscape.You roll out your defined global processes in ARIS and synchronize them to a global template project in SAP Solution Manager with all process documentations, BC sets and predefined test cases. Therefore,ARIS enables the implementation of global business processes and ensures flexibility and local requirements at the same time.


Dashboard Design based on MashZone

Create interactive dashboards by integrating heterogeneous data sources. MashZone enables you to create analytical dashboards by combining data from different sources. You can gain new insights by combining any source within your data feeds and apply various operators to calculate KPIs “on the fly.” Using graphical editors only, you can present data feed results in appealing dashboards and charts within minutes. You may even add interactivity to present relevant information that supports the decision-making process in a context-based way. 

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